Knitting box. Made using beautiful solid mahogany, cherry, red oak, maple or walnut. Let me know which type wood you want it built out of and I will build it. This decorative knitting box will hold many of your knitting and sewing supplies so they are at hand during your knitting or sewing sessions. This knitting box has a divider inside so you can have two skeins of yarn side by side and they won't get tangled with each other. The knitting box also has a lift out tray to keep your knitting and sewing supplies organized. The knitting box also has two hinged lids with brass hinges, brass knobs and handles to make it easy to move. The knitting box is finished with several coats of a durable clear satin lacquer to show off the wood's natural beauty. Dimensions: 16 X 10 and is 8 1/2 inches high. The knitting or yarn box with the handles is 18 long. Thread and equipment are not included.